Photo-manipulat’n/retouch $15-40

If you envision an artistic picture composed of many photos or artworks. I can create something like this one (max size 5000 x 5000 px.) for $15-40USD per image, depending on complexity.

This image is myself posing as Mark Twain in today’s digital/mobile/robotic age.

For the main portrait, I painted the highlights in the hair and face to bring out the contrast  on the  dark side of the head, tweaked the smile into a smirk, added a gold earring, Apple logo lapel pin, and highlighted the eyes for a more intense glare.

For the background, I added the Nao robot, painted over The background galaxy to better blend into the earth’s night-time sky, and added various contact shadows.

Finally I re-adjusted colors for contrast,  mood, and visual harmony.


Please leave a comment below. Thanks for your visit.


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