This is my sales and presentation blog for my art and illustration work.

I am an American citizen living and working in Taipei Taiwan. I prefer doing commissions for clients where you, the paying client may keep all the copyrights for your own purposes.

I also sell prints of my existing works where I retain copyrights.

All my work is done digitally as it is the best way to achieve desired artistic results and time efficiency for both myself and the client.

We can discuss the terms of the commission with your request, then and I will need you to sent me reference photos to use.

Pricing Example

B&W line art (#1): $40-50

Flat color (#2): $55-70

Work Rates by Type

  • Caricatures/Portrait/Illustrations (B&W): $40-$80
  • Caricatures/Portrait/Illustrations (Full color): $75-$250
  • Photo manipulation/correction: $30 per hour (but I’m happy to provide a flat rate).
  • The price range I set herein is based on one person’s face and head, if two or more people are to be depicted, my rates will be at least 50% higher than that of just one person’s.

To get an accurate quote, we need to discuss your project first. All price quotes include two rounds of changes and corrections. Any additional changes after the second round will be an additional charge. Most of my clients need only one round.

Payment terms are 100% up front for projects up to $100, and 50% up front, 50% after completion for projects costing more than $100.

Repeat clients that I know and trust have more flexible payment terms. I’m sorry, but this policy is non-negotiable.

PayPal is the easiest and safest form of payment, For American clients, I will also accept Wells Fargo Deposit or Surepay through Wells Fargo.


Once we have agreed on a fee amount, I will send you a short one page work agreement clarifying the work to be done, payments, and time frame.

Shortly after receiving your payment, I will need reference photos from you. Then I will start the work. Within a day or two I will send you a progress drawing or a photo-composite mock-up, which ever you like.

Once you are satisfied with the general looks of the drawing or mock-up,  I will finish the work for the final 1/2 payment.

I will send you a high resolution .PNG, .JPG, or  TIF file for your use.

you, the client will get the copyrights to the work.

Thanks for your visit.


3 thoughts on “Rates

  1. Thankyou for sharing your work, which I came across in Artstation. I’m writing because I registered with WordPress like you, but Wasn’t happy with the templates I found – the one You’re using is terrific. are you able to tell me which one it is, and whether it is freE. I just want a neat portfolio display, like yours, but preferably with separate galleries. Ciao.


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